13:03 10/06/2016
HRH Sheik Ahmad Fahad Al-Sabah expressed his pleasure to visit the beautiful city of Da Nang on the occasion of its hosting of the fifth Asian Beach Games (ABG5). The OCA President hailed Vietnam as one of important members of OCA and IOC.

Especially, Vietnam made an imprint on the world sports as it won an Olympic gold medal for shooting and became one of the four Asian nations winning the gold medal at the world’s biggest sports games.
The OCA President said he was impressed by landscapes of Da Nang in particular and Vietnam in general. “Your country boats numerous tourist attractions and historical relics. The recent Olympic gold medal has helped lift Vietnam to a higher position in the world sports,” said Mr Sheikh Ahmad.
During his reception for President of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) HRH Sheik Ahmad Fahad Al-Sabah and high-ranking delegations of OCA and IOC who are in Vietnam for the ABG5 opening ceremony, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Ngoc Thien thanked valuable assistance that OCA and IOC have provided for Vietnam over the past years.

The Minister hoped OCA would continue supporting the Vietnam Sports in order to help the sector, together with its owned achievements, to have new steps of development in the time to come. “Vietnamese fans are pleased with achievements the Vietnam Sports recorded in the recent Olympic and Paralympic games, and the joy will be bigger as we are welcoming international friends to Vietnam for ABG5. The valuable medals recorded at Olympic and Paralympic games have stimulated the national pride, creating confidence for the Vietnam Sports on the international arena. And now we are doing every effort to successfully organise ABG5 which is not only sports competitions but also aims to promote the development of beach sports and strengthening solidarity and friendship among peoples of countries in Asia,” said Minister Nguyen Ngoc Thien.

The OCA President spoke highly of host Vietnam’s preparations and hoped the Games would be successful. He said he was pleased to see Vietnam’s large voluntary force here, adding this showed “you are interested in prepared work for the games, and this is the event we are very interested in.” IOC is also interested in the event so that the IOC President and an IOC delegation come to Vietnam for the games, he said.
 The OCA President also hoped that Vietnam would successfully organise ABG5 as it did with the Asian Indoor Sports Games in 2009.
 Especially, HRH Sheikh Ahmad assessed that Vietnam’s position would be increasing in the world sports thanks to valuable medals the country won at the Olympic Games. “Both IOC and OCA highly value your efforts in organising ABG5 and that is why the IOC President and I and delegations are here,” OCA President Sheikh Ahmad affirmed.


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