12:48 04/22/2016
New Minister of Vietnam Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Ngoc Thien had a meeting with leaders of Vietnam Sports Administration and representatives of the 5 Asian Beach Games (ABG5) Organizing Committee about preparing progress as well as solution for obstacles. Attending the meeting was Mr. Le Khanh Hai, Deputy Minister, Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

Reporting about preparing work for ABG5, Mr. Vuong Bich Thang, Gen.Director of Vietnam Sports Administration mentioned that some of works have been done.

As far as technical work concerned, competition venues have been identified, technical guide books have been completed, competition schedule has been set up. At present, some other works have been carried out as set up plan for Vietnam Delegation participating to ABG5 with about 339 athletes.
Mentioning about sponsorship, he stressed that some sponsorship contracts with Football Thai Factory Sporting Good  Co.Ltd, Bao Viet Insurance have been signed up to now. The organizing Committee is negotiating with some other sponsors as VNPT about sponsorship packages and form of sponsoring…

Some other works as security, transport, media, health care, ect… are implementing. However, according to Mr. Vuong Bich Thang, the biggest obstacle that the Organizing Committee is facing now is a budget of preparing and organizing the event. Due to the money has not been supplied to the Organizing Committee, main parts of preparing works have not been carried out but the time toward the Games is so short. Other matter is accommodation. In basically, all the hotels in Da Nang City meet the demand and standard of the Games. Nevertheless, the price is much higher than participant’s fee (50 USD/day according to OCA Charter). At present, the Organizing Committee have signed 1,200 rooms, meeting 50% demand of rooms for the Games.

IT work is also facing to difficulty due to budget for time and scoring as well as IT solution has not been supplied. Up to now, the official website both in Vietnamese and English versions as well as online accreditation system have been completed.

Facing to many difficulties on preparation for ABG5, Minister Nguyen Ngoc Thien steered Vietnam Sports Administration to report detail to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and Ministry of Finance. In the report, all obstacles and difficulties should be mention clearly as well as the solution for the matters in order to host the Games successfully. The Minister emphasized that this is the largest contingent sports Games, the event to promote Vietnam tourism and the country and people of Vietnam. Therefore, every organizing work must ensure conditions in accordance with international standards. Besides preparing for the ABG5, Vietnam Sports Administration should focus on the preparation of the athletes force to compete at the Games, with the aim of getting high achievements.
Tuyet Hoa


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