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12:16 01/13/2016
Pain at the waist is caused by many things including damage of the cartilage of the lower backbone, myelitis at the joint, osteomalacia, disk herniation, kidney, prostate and gynaecological diseases. Vietnamese traditional medicine therapists treat waist pain by helping the patient to press on some acupoints including the Dai truong du, Than du, Thien khu and Dung tuyen.
Pressing on the Dai truong du points
Dai truong du are two points located on the bladder meridian. They help in regulating the intestines and stimulating digestion that are useful for the waist and knees. Pressing on these points will help treat waist nerve pain, cramps of the back muscle, and pain at the back so severe that the patient can’t bend down.

How to locate the Dai truong du points: Using both thumbs, locate the two highest points on both sides of the waist. The meeting point of the line connecting these two points (at the back) and the backbone is the peak papilla of the fourth vertebra. From here, spread the hands out to the two sides 1.5 cuns (a measurement unit), or about the width of two fingers, and you will reach the two Dai truong du points.

How to press: The patient sits on a chair or stands up, then uses his hands to encircle his waist (the thumbs are at the back, the other eight fingers are in the front, just like standing with arms akimbo); Use the top of the thumbs to press on the points with appropriate pressure for two minutes.
Than du are points located on the bladder meridian, correlating to the kidneys. They help in fortifying the kidneys. This is good for diuretic problems, against heat, and strengthening bones. This is useful for treating kidney-related diseases. According to traditional medicine physicians, the back is the residence of the kidneys. To treat pains at the back, pressure is made on the Than du points.

How to locate the Than du points: Find the peak papilla of the fourth vertebra (the same method used when locating the Dai truong du points). From there, go up the backbone to find the first convex which is the peak papilla of the third vertebra, and the second convex which is the peak papilla of the second vertebra. From this papilla, spread the hand out 1.5 cun to the two sides to reach the Than du points.

Thien khu, or Thien xu, points are located on the stomach meridian. This is useful for regulating the large intestine and stimulating vitality and digestion, so they are pressed when treating waist pain.
How to locate the Thien khu points: 2 cuns from the belly-button lengthwise are the Thien khu points.
How to press: The patient lies face up, using two thumbs to press on the Thien khu points for two minutes.
Story: Dr. Hoang Khanh Toan, Head of the Oriental Medicine Faculty of the Army Central Hospital 108
Photos: Tra My



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