Trang chủ (Nổi bật)

12:20 02/19/2016
Garlic is very familiar spices in Vietnamese kitchen. It makes dishes more delicious, stimulates the appetite of people; moreover, garlic is also herbal cure of many today-diseases.
Using garlic in dishes is folk remedies that are one of the effective treatments which our ancestors have handed down till now. Garlic is used to treat common illnesses like: cold, cough, runny nose, sore throat ... and modern diseases like cancer, cholesterol, osteoporosis ... So, some fresh garlic, garlic wine, pickled garlic is also valuable medicine to help you prevent disease more effectively.

Here-and-after is effectiveness of garlic and how to make valuable folk remedies from it (garlic wine, pickled garlic).

Pickled garlic
Garlic can be eaten raw but few people can accept the odor it left. Therefore, pickled garlic was created. It is not only the new tastes, but it also enhances the effect of the garlic to 4 times as long garlic soaked in acidic as vinegar.
To process a delicious garlic vinegar jar, you get 50 grams of fresh garlic (peeled garlic clove each) entered a clean glass jar and institutions in 100 ml rice vinegar for flooded the garlic cloves. After 10 days, fermented sour garlic is eaten daily delicacies. The longer garlic is picked in the jar, the more effective it is in reducing congestion, inflammation, fatigue, physical rehabilitation, prevention of coronary atherosclerosis, cholesterol (decreased by 30% when you use garlic vinegar daily).

Garlic wine
In addition to preventing cancer, malignant skin cancer and prevention or reduction of painful arthritis, garlic blows acne, lets skin more beautiful, and makes people live longer. So women need to take daily garlic to combat aging, prolonged adolescence (with only 25ml of garlic wine a day).
You use a pitcher of wine washed to store peeled garlic, a layer of garlic together with a layer of crushed rock sugar until 7/10 of the pitcher. After pouring white wine bottle is sealed submerged orifice. Bring the garlic wine jar to cool and dry place. After one month it is already to use. Taking 25 ml of garlic wine per day will make women have good health and strong, smooth skin.

If you want to have good health and energetic appearance, learn more about garlic and use it reasonably. You definitely see the amazing change.


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