Trang chủ (Nổi bật)

12:49 01/13/2016
 Visiting Da Nang, you, at least, go or visit Bien Dong Park once because it shows all the characteristics of people and land.
“Bien Dong” means the beloved water territories of Vietnam, where Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelago locate. In the park, visitor buries himself in fresh air and energetic atmosphere of new active city. There is no big tree with kids zone like other parks, Bien Dong has tile paths, potted trees which are planted in art shapes. All stone bands, newsstand and lights display the modern style of its own.

‘Open’ is the most attractive and amazing feature of Bien Dong Park. No gate, no entrance, everybody free to go there to sightsee and relax. Wondering on white and smooth sand, sitting under coconut shade by the lovely, green potted trees or swimming in one of the most beautiful beach, which do you prefer? Do you think it is cool like Da Nang people themselves?
Bien Dong is also the largest park in Da Nang, with the picturesque place; it is the venue of not only Da Nang’s but also Vietnam’s events. It comes without any question that Bien Dong is set for ABG5, especially Venue Cluster I – where the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony will be held.

Thuy Trang


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